Bloom sofa – luxury for leisure

The living room is a place for relaxing, meeting with family and friends, as well as watching movies, marathons with your favorite TV series and playing board games. Therefore, it is worth creating a space in it that is ready for all these activities. Place in it the Bloom sofa, which creates even 3 seats.

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Bloom sofa
Bloom sofa

Features and functions

  • Zig-zag springs

  • Round type zig-zag springs

  • Highly flexible foam

  • Bed storage

  • Mechanism of unfolding type DL


  • Width: 224 cm

  • Height: 92 cm

  • Depth: 97 cm

  • Sleeping surface: 200 x 147 cm

Bloom sofa
Bloom sofa

The seat and mattress are filled with highly flexible foam and profiled corrugated springs, which ensures high comfort of use of this piece of furniture. You will also appreciate the two large back cushions filled with foam and silicone, thanks to which it adapts to your body and supports it perfectly. You can rest your arms on the armrests or put away the remote control.

What makes the Bloom sofa different?  A very pleasant to the touch upholstery fabric that has a coating that reduces liquid absorption and makes it easy to clean.

How to prepare a piece of furniture for the night? The sofa with sleep function can be quickly and conveniently folded out thanks to lifts. Then you gain a sleeping surface of 147×200 cm. The ease of preparation of the sofa is also due to the bed container, where you can put pillows and a blanket.

Three-seater Bloom sofa is supported by wooden legs that are timeless and elegant, so they fit into any interior. The quilting on the cushions can not be overlooked. A decorative trim is an additional decoration that emphasizes the contour of the furniture.

Special features of the furniture:
Sofa with sleep function and bed container
Highly flexible foam and a system of profiled springs in the seat and backrest guarantee exceptional comfort of use
Quilted back cushions give the furniture a unique character
Timeless wooden legs that match any type of furnishings
Large, flat sleeping surface
Sleeping function with support bushings for easy and smooth folding out
Fold out
Generous bed storage
Very comfortable to the touch upholstery fabric with a coating that reduces liquid absorption and facilitates cleaning.

Bloom sofa