Moon Maxi

Moon Maxi is a corner sofa, the main feature of which is a large usable area, where the whole family can relax comfortably.

Moon Maxi corner sofa is an unusually large piece of furniture, designed for people who like to spend time with their loved ones.

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Moon Maxi corner sofa
Moon Maxi corner sofa

Features and functions

  • Zig-zag springs

  • Round type zig-zag springs

  • Highly flexible foam

  • Bed storage

  • Mechanism of unfolding type delfin

  • Adjustable headrests


  • Width: 345 cm

  • Height: 80-90 cm

  • Depth: 194/173 cm

  • Sleeping surface: 280 x 130 cm

Elegant adjustable headrests, stylish armrests and discreet metal legs make this model extremely dignified and timeless. The entire set is covered with durable fabric and filled with corrugated springs. Thanks to its large sleeping area, the corner sofa can be transformed into a comfortable and convenient bed at night.