Moon Mini


Moon Mini is a versatile corner furniture with elegant design, which can be configured as desired.

Moon Mini corner sofa is an ideal choice for those who want a universal solution. The shorter side of the model can be placed either on the right or left side.

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Moon Mini corner sofa
Moon Mini corner sofa

Features and functions

  • Zig-zag springs

  • Round type zig-zag springs

  • Highly flexible foam

  • Bed storage

  • Mechanism of unfolding type delfin

  • Adjustable headrests


  • Width: 272 cm

  • Heigh: 80-90 cm

  • Depth: 173 cm

  • Sleeping surface: 225 x 130 cm

Moon Mini corner sofa
Moon Mini corner sofa

When renovating or remodeling, you’ll never have to buy a new sofa set again. This unobtrusive and simple piece of furniture is equipped with adjustable headrests, elegant metal feet and a large sleeping surface filled with wave springs. Therefore, it is a great solution for small apartments without a separate bedroom.

Moon Mini corner sofa