Palazzocorner sofa

Get the design you’ve been looking for – feel incredible style and comfort with the Palazzo corner sofa.

Are you looking for a designer corner sofa for your living room? Do you want incredible comfort? Do you need a sofa set that clearly stands out from the crowd? Choose the Palazzo corner sofa! This piece of furniture guarantees you relaxation at the highest level. This is ensured by three adjustable headrests, durable upholstery and a seat that can be electrically extended forward by up to 25 cm. This functionality increases the usable area and gives you and your family even more space to sit.

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Palazzo corner sofa
Palazzo corner sofa

Features and functions

  • Zig-zag springs

  • Round type zig-zag springs

  • Highly flexible foam

  • Electrically extendable seat

  • Adjustable headrests


  • Width: 294 cm

  • Height: 83-97 cm

  • Depth: 182/105 cm

Palazzo corner sofa
Palazzo corner sofa

The trendy shape also deserves a lot of attention. The chaise longue in the shape of a semicircle definitely makes an impression. The entire corner sofa is complemented by designer fabric pleats on the front of the sofa set. These look phenomenal and make the charm of this model!

Palazzo corner sofa
Palazzo corner sofa