Sofa Royal is sophisticated and elegant and will perfectly match any English style interior.

The rounded sides, perfectly matched cushions and ruffles on the bottom create a stylish and elegant whole. But that’s not all. The biggest, and literally the biggest, advantage of the Royal sofa is its huge sleeping area, which is 160×200 cm. In addition, this model has 5 decorative pillows that will improve the quality of your rest.

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Royal sofa
Royal sofa

Features and functions

  • Royal sofa Wave spring
  • Royal sofa Sleep function

  • Royal sofa Bed storage

  • Royal sofa Highly flexible foam

  • Royal sofa Spring in seat and backrest


  • Width: 239 cm

  • Height: 90 cm

  • Depth: 110 cm

  • Sleeping surface: 200 x 160 cm

Royal sofa