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PUSZMAN is a Polish brand that has been continuously producing
upholstered furniture since 1955. A company founded by a family and managed by
family members from generation to generation.

For years we have been inspiring for functional home furnishings.
A beautiful interior means peace, harmony, comfort,
or quite the opposite: Energy, joy, and a fulfilled home.

Our corner sofas and sofas of excellent quality are a guarantee of
exceptional comfort. For the company, signed with the name of the founder,
the priority is the satisfaction of customers with their use.

Our goal is to offer good quality furniture
with a fashionable and timeless design.

over 100 years of history

Where tradition meets modernity

The roots of our family business date back to the 1920s. It was during the turbulent inter-war period that Stanisław Puschmann opened a small saddlery workshop in the heart of the Wielkopolska town of Kobyla Góra. In the seclusion of a cosy workshop he produced saddles and upholstered goods of the highest quality, which were highly valued by the local community. The father’s work was eagerly watched by his sons, with whom the founder willingly shared the secrets of his craft. Unfortunately, the further development of the family business was abruptly halted by the outbreak of the Second World War.

After the Second World War and after the death of Stanislaw Puschmann, his youngest son Anton Puschmann took over his father’s business and moved it to Syców near Wrocław. This took place in 1955. Despite the fact that running a private business in communist Poland was associated with many difficulties, the company grew steadily. The company consistently expanded its product range to eventually focus on the production of fashionable upholstered furniture, which quickly found its way into the tasteful interiors of the elite of the time.

The company’s expansion was slowed down in 1985 by the sudden death of Anton Puschmann. From then on, the production lines gradually began to be extinguished. Stagnation continued until 2000, when the family business was resurrected. More than 20 years ago, the reins of the company were taken over by the daughter Magdalena Puszman-Kornak, who manages and dynamically develops it together with her husband Cezary Kornak. Today, the youngest generation is taking over, bringing their youthful enthusiasm and fresh perspective. Today, the Puszman brand draws inspiration from the legacy of our ancestors, while respecting the latest design trends.


Nowadays, we also live in a new reality that requires a new look at the way of life. That is why in our furniture we want to combine high quality, elegance and ecological materials that we use in production.

What distinguishes us?

Our values

Design and quality

Puszman upholstered furniture is characterised by its minimalist form, which is created from the highest quality, carefully selected materials. This is because, like you, we believe that true beauty lies in simplicity. By choosing Puszman upholstered furniture, you can be sure that timeless design goes hand in hand with attention to even the smallest details.

Familiality and respect for tradition

We are one of the oldest Polish companies in the upholstered furniture industry, family-run. We can confidently say that the spirit of history defines our brand. That is why we do not cut ourselves off from the past, but draw inspiration from it – adapted to the present times and interiors. The combination of tradition and modernity has given rise to many of our best-known models.

Passion of the team

Our upholstered furniture is manufactured in Poland – in Syców, near Wrocław. This is where the heart of our business is located, which is no ordinary production hall – it is a place full of people with passion. From the best designers to talented craftsmen and women who create small works of art for everyday use from scratch.

Sustainable development

Tradition is extremely important to us – as are the problems of our time. That is why the production of our upholstered furniture is environmentally friendly. In addition to using recycled materials, our factory is also powered by energy generated by photovoltaic panels. As a modern company, we feel responsible for our planet.
brief of our history

In 100 years a lot has changed

Stanislaw Puschmann founded a small business where produced and sold horse saddles.
World War II began and business was closed.
Anton Puschmann decided to reopen the family business with different products. From now on, he sold high class upholstery furniture.
Anton Puschmann died and the brand has become less popular on the market.
The development of the Puszman brand – combining the family tradition of craftsmanship and the spirit of modernity. All to meet the requirements of the most demanding furniture users.
The continuous growth of the company – we now have 3 production facilities and sell our furniture through an extensive network of partner furniture showrooms, online stores, and retail chains. We have become a recognized brand for functional sofas and corner sofas. All these activities have turned a small factory into a modern managed company with over 250 employees. Many employees have been with us from the beginning, and often entire families work at our sites. We appreciate their tenacity and hard work. Together we are building the success of this company.
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