Genova I corner sofa

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zig-zag springs
round type zig-zag springs
highly flexible foam
electrically extendable seat
adjustable headrests
decorative legs
decorative quilting

Product details

79-98 cm
sleeping surface
225 x 92cm
286 cm
bed storage
108 cm
Aphrodite 12
Aphrodite 12
Aphrodite 12
Miękka tkanina velvetowa. Mięsista, o aksamitnym dotyku i subtelnym wzorze, który tworzy bardzo ciekawy efekt gry cieni przyciągający wzrok. Posiada szeroką gamę kolorystyczną. Pięknie prezentuje się zarówno na meblach klasycznych jak i nowoczesnych. Narożnik czy sofa zyska elegancji i ekstrawagancji. Tkanina nie dość, że pięknie się prezentuje na meblu, to również odporna jest na ścieranie, światło oraz pilling. Funkcjonalność w każdym calu.

The Genova collection consists of corner sofas with exceptional style and maximum functionality. They are recognized for exceptional comfort of use, the profiled backrests with adjustable tops – the headrests. Attractive double stitching emphasized by the pulls on the seat, decorative side of the furniture and high leg give the design its originality. Everything looks extremely stylish.


The soft seats provide exceptional comfort for relaxing, whether it is a coffee with friends or a cozy afternoon at home with your favorite reading. The large seating area, high backrests and adjustable headrests allow you to relax in the comfort of your own living room.


Additional comfort is provided by the electric seat extension – depending on your needs, the seat can be extended by up to 25 cm. This makes it even more comfortable to put your feet up or take an afternoon nap. On the side of the furniture is integrated USB port, so you can conveniently charge your smartphone and not be interrupted while surfing the Internet, while you rest.


The modern shape of the corner sofa looks great in the living room and fills it with unusual elegance and positive energy.

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