Mojave sofa

from 3.999,00

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zig-zag springs
round type zig-zag springs
highly flexible foam
mechanism of unfolding type DL
spring in seat and backrest
bed storage

Product details

74 cm
sleeping surface
253 cm
bed storage
120 cm
sleeping function
Modesto 492
Modesto 492
Modesto 492

The Mojave sofa is designed in a simple and minimalist style. The modern style of the furniture combined with its high functionality guarantees relaxation at the highest level. The charm of the sofa is emphasized by the decorative kedra finish on the furniture and cushions. The whole is extremely impressive and elegant.

PUSZMAN Mojave sofa Modesto 492 (1)

The biggest advantages of the sofa are the wide sides and two additional large back cushions, with which the spine is optimally supported and can rest comfortably. The sofa is very comfortable to sit on during a family gathering. The soft and wide seat also makes the sofa a popular place for a midday nap for many household members.

PUSZMAN Mojave sofa Modesto 492 (4)

The Mojave sofa is equipped with bed storage and a convenient and easy-to-use mechanism for unfolding the sleeping function, so the large sleeping surface will guarantee a night’s rest at the highest level.

PUSZMAN Mojave sofa Modesto 492 (6)

The design of this model reminds of interiors in, boho style, but due to its timelessness, it will fit into almost any living room. In both modern and classic rooms, the sofa will look dignified and provide maximum comfort.

PUSZMAN Mojave sofa Modesto 492 (10)
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