Zürich LL-2E-C-1-OTTR modular corner sofa

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zig-zag springs
round type zig-zag springs
HR foam
adjustable headrests
upholstery belt
modular collection
electrically extendable seat

Product details

78-100 cm
367 cm
113 cm
Over The Horizon 08
Over The Horizon 08
Over The Horizon 08
Over The Horizon, tkanina posiadająca szeroką gamę kolorów do wyboru. Nowoczesny, szenilowy charakter dodaje elegancji oraz szyku, a jej miękka i miła w dotyku struktura sprawia, że wypoczynek staje się jeszcze bardziej satysfakcjonujący. Tkanina odporna jest na tarcie i mechacenie oraz świetnie zdaje test na rozciąganie i rozdarcia.

Comfort, modern design, and modularity – these three words sum up the character of the Zürich collection.

The Zürich modular furniture collection stands out for its elegance, vertical seams, and its unique comfort due to the profiled backrests, seats, and adjustable headrests. The collection was developed with demanding customers in mind. The furniture is designed for ordinary living spaces and larger living rooms or lofts. The Zürich collection stands for exceptional style and unconventional comfort.

PUSZMAN Zurich narożnik z elektrycznym wysuwem siedziska LL-2E-C-1-OTTR Over The Horizon 08 (1)

Furniture design and quality

The design of Zürich furniture aligns with current interior trends – curved furniture is functional, compact, and convenient to use. The shape of the furniture was chosen proportionally for large bodies and wide seats. The materials and technological solutions used in the construction of the furniture ensure the highest recreational comfort.

High-quality materials,  highly flexible foam, and upholstery fabrics from renowned manufacturers were used in the production of the furniture. The furniture is available in a wide range of modern upholstery fabrics, which are characterized by exceptional durability, easy care, and a wide color palette – from subtle pastel colors to bold colors that will enliven any interior. The user has the opportunity to choose a pleasant and tactile fabric with smooth or clear structure: Velvet, corduroy, wicker. The fabrics used for the furniture are proven to be free of substances that can cause allergies or skin irritation, which greatly facilitates the lives of many people who suffer from allergies. The company takes care of the environment by using ecologically produced or recycled fabrics or materials in the production of its furniture.

PUSZMAN Zurich narożnik z elektrycznym wysuwem siedziska LL-2E-C-1-OTTR Over The Horizon 08 (4)

Comfort and functionality of the furniture

When designing the furniture, the design team was guided by the idea that the furniture should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and multifunctional. Therefore, the furniture was designed with ergonomics and with multiple functions considered. The ideally shaped high backrests and the seat sloping towards the interior of the furniture provide users with a comfortable rest. Such a design of the furniture allows comfortable sitting and ideal rest, for example, for an afternoon nap. With the adjustable headrests, the user can increase the height of the backrest and comfortably recline his head while watching TV or reading a book.

PUSZMAN Zurich narożnik z elektrycznym wysuwem siedziska LL-2E-C-1-OTTR Over The Horizon 08 (5)

The modularity of the collection

The modules of the collection allow any configuration – by combining the individual parts, you get a piece of furniture that perfectly meets your needs and fits into the room where it will be placed. You can choose the modules to fit any interior – from smaller sofas or corner furniture to large U-shaped arrangements.  The modules of the collection are equipped with a seat extension of up to 25 cm, which will be valued by those who need a particularly large seating or reclining area for relaxation. An interesting solution can be the use of a single-seat module without side panels, creating an armchair – a comfortable addition to the living room interior. In the collection is also available pouf, which can be added to a sofa or corner sofa to increase the seating area. However, many users will use it as additional seating or, with a tray table, as a coffee table.

The collection can become the decoration of any modern interior.

PUSZMAN Zurich narożnik z elektrycznym wysuwem siedziska LL-2E-C-1-OTTR Over The Horizon 08 (7)
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